About Michael F. Richards

Michael F. Richards has been a Founder, Director and President of two De-novo banks, and has also headed up a work-out department for a leading regional bank. All of this, along with his 34 years of experience in the banking industry, puts Mr. Richards in a unique position as a banking consultant and expert witness. He offers extensive experience in the intricate workings of the modern banking system, and as well as experience in litigation concerning national banking systems.

Mr. Richard’s work record puts him in the position of being able to see a bank’s perspective in litigation. His background and extensive experience in lending, banking operations, lender liability, regulatory oversight, policies, procedures and
standards of banking practice all add to his ability to act as an expert witness. Mr. Richards also has extensive experience in the real estate finance world, with acute knowledge of the fine points of large, complex commercial real estate transactions and large commercial loans.

Michael F. Richards, His Background and Education

Mr. Richards has worked in the banking industry since
the mid-1970s, and in 1984 he took a position as Vice-President of the Commercial Loan Office at the First Bank of Montana. His experience as a banker rising up the ranks continued, and in 2005 he founded The Bank of Bozeman. He acted as a CEO and member of the Board of Directors there until 2009.

Experience As An Expert Witness

In 2009 Mr. Richards began working as a consultant and expert witness in cases involving banking litigation. His experience as a litigation support specialist has served him well, as he has qualified and also given expert testimony as a Financial and Banking Expert Witness in national cases for both plaintiffs (in 54 percent of his cases) and for defendants (in 46 percent of his cases). Up through mid 2015 Mr. Richards has been retained by attorneys as an expert witness in cases in 27 states and in 79 cases.

There’s no doubt that Mr. Richards has the experience and expertise to be an expert witness who can be relied on. His integrity and professionalism have made him a key expert witness in a wide variety of cases, and his experience has shown through in every appearance. Michael F. Richards is an expert witness in the field of banking and litigation who can be counted on.