Minecraft Beta on Xbox One Confirmed to Support Mouse and Keyboard

Minecraft Beta on Xbox One Confirmed to Support Mouse and Keyboard


  • Minecraft upgraded beta version supports cross-platform play
  • Game developer has confirmed the support for accessories
  • It is unclear if the full version will also carry over the support

Minecraft is one of the most popular games around the globe and there is a vast majority of players who prefer to play the game using mouse and keyboard on their PCs. If the support of keyboard and mouse was the only thing stopping you from playing the game on Xbox One, we have good news for you. The beta version of Minecraft, which supports cross-platform play, has now been confirmed to feature support for mouse and keyboard.

In a podcast related to the game, one of the Minecraft developers clarified that the beta version of the game does indeed feature the support for mouse and keyboard, as pointed out in a report by MSPoweuser. Those who have played the game might agree that there are certain elements within the game that might be more convenient to handle with these two accessories rather than a controller.

However, it all comes down to preference and as of now, we can at least appreciate that there are more options available to those who want to play the game. While the Minecraft developer clarified that the beta supports keyboard and mouse, we will have to wait for the full version release to get any confirmation of the support as it might just as well be an added bonus for those who are testing the beta version, MSPoweruser points out. At this point, it seems likely that the support will make its way to the full version but we would recommend keeping your fingers crossed.