Morristown police getting new SUV, computer

MORRISTOWN — The Morristown Police Department will get a new SUV to replace a car after the Morristown Town Council approved the purchase Wednesday night.

“By the time you get it on the road, you’re probably close to $40,000,” Clerk Treasurer Don Roberts said. The 2-wheel drive SUV will be purchased through a state bid with Kelley Chevrolet in Fort Wayne.

Police Chief Henry Albrecht said his current car has 100,000 miles on it, but has some costly issues.

“It’s got a miss that they can’t find that comes and goes. It will just sit there and stutter like a valve’s going out,” Albrecht said.

The car also needs a dash cluster, he said.

The cost of the SUV will include installation of necessary accessories.

The department also could be getting a new desktop computer.

“The issue we’re having is transferring video from body cams, making copies of DocuCam videos on top of that,” Deputy Marshal Brad Trittipo said. “Yes, we have laptops in our cars, but the issue with that is they’re connected to the MiFi’s … due to the FBI and the Indiana regulations, they changed that to where we cannot connect to the wi-fi in here and stay on connected to the county. So if you bring it in here, you have to disconnect, you go on a call, you have to wait for it to reconnect, log back in and all that.

So it’s a lot easier to just leave the laptop in the car.

That’s why we need a desktop in here for doing reports, things like that.”

The council gave Trittipo permission to check with NineStar for computer availability and cost, with the green light to go ahead and purchase a desktop computer if the cost is less than $1,000.

Andy Proffet is a staff writer for The Shelbyville News. Follow him on Twitter @AndyProffetTSN.


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