New Solid-State Batteries Said to Offer 3 Times More Capacity Than Li-Ion Batteries

New Solid-State Batteries Said to Offer 3 Times More Capacity Than Li-Ion Batteries


  • New battery prevents metal whiskers called ‘dendrites’ from forming
  • Researchers claim new battery is more eco-friendly
  • Uses solid glass as an electrolyte

Team of researchers led by John Goodenough, who worked in the development of lithium-ion batteries currently used in several electronic products, has announced that it has developed an alternative solid-state battery that can replace conventional ones. The team claims that the new batteries provide three times the capacity and charge at a faster rate.

Apart from these benefits, the newly-developed batteries are reportedly safer in comparison to existing batteries as well.

The development team has produced a solid-state battery that has around three times the energy density as a conventional lithium ion battery, as pointed out in a report by PCWorld. As the newly developed battery uses solid glass as an electrolyte, it prevents metal whiskers called ‘dendrites’ from forming.

 These metal whiskers are known to create short circuits and overheating, the glass electrolyte effectively provides additional safety to the device. After the explosion fiasco associated with Galaxy Note 7, there is no doubt that safety has become a big concern and this battery might just prove to be the solution.

The batteries can be charged and run down more – over 1,200 charge cycles – and feature low cell resistance, as per the report. The team behind the development further claims that the usage of glass electrolyte means that the batteries will be more eco-friendly as well.

Considering that most smartphone users are currently not satisfied with the battery life available with lithium-ion batteries, there is hardly a doubt that these batteries might prove to be a game changer if and when they are introduced in the market. However, it is important to note that the development team will now have to look for a company that will produce these batteries.

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