News sources get a dynamic aura

News sources get a dynamic aura

Malayali’s reading habits are changing with the times. Discussions about current affairs have become real time with the prevalence of mobile phones and internet.

Traditional newspapers saw the television news channels catching up with them. Online media soon followed. Online and broadcasting media now lead in bringing news to readers as and when it breaks.

Online, TV and newspapers compete in bringing spot news as well as comments from people in the news and experts in the respective field. While online and television media bring the news first, newspapers complete the picture with deep analyses and expert opinions.

The presentation of news has also changed. Online media helps readers keep up-to-date with news. TV and radio offers a detailed description of events. A newspaper presents a wrap-up of all the events related to the news of the day.

Malayala Manorama has put its stamp on all fields of media including newspaper, television, radio and online. Manorama online offers live news 24/7.


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