Nokia seeks ‘suitable partners’ for 2016 smartphone design comeback


Know that Nokia N1 Android-powered iPad mini lookalike Foxconn sells in China at a palatable $249 before importers can enforce their outlandish premium policies and charge $400+ stateside? It’s just been confirmed it will not remain the only high-end (-ish) Nokia-branded gadget around for long.

The severed company’s very CEO, Rajeev Suri, recently told a German business publication that “we will look for suitable partners” once the terms of Microsoft’s buyout allow a return to the thriving smartphone market.

In case you didn’t get the memo, Redmond nabbed the Asha, X and Lumia names to eternally use as they please, but the Nokia moniker is, well, Nokia’s again starting next year. At least as far as smartphones are concerned, with feature phone rights belonging to Satya Nadella & co. through 2025.

It’s a complicated deal all in all, but just keep in mind any Nokia-branded smartphones you see advertised and sold as such from January will have nothing to do with Microsoft and their current and future Lumia roster.

Instead, Nokia aims to “design them and then make the brand name available to license.” Exactly like the N1 tablet, conceived by Nokia yet at its core manufactured by Foxconn. Now, let’s see the OEM partners the Finns can recruit besides Foxconn. An army of low-profile Chinese producers should jump at the opportunity, but will bigger names in the industry also want in? Only time can answer all questions.



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