Officals working to bring internet to more of Onslow County

Officials from the City of Jacksonville are trying to change a state policy that prevents municipalities from being able to offer internet service.

Michael Lazzara, the mayor pro-tem for Jacksonville, said many of the rural communities have little to no internet service. He attributes that to the fact the state doesn’t allow municipal leadership to have partnerships with private groups to provide broadband access.

Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Jacksonville Youth Center, there will be a speak-up for better broadband event. It will allow the public to vote their concerns regarding broadband issues.

“We are trying to drive the conversation to initiate policy change to the general assembly to allow municipal governments to have the opportunities to enter in to public private partnerships with anyone that may be able to provide broadband,” Lazzara said.

Officials said even though the event is in Jacksonville, anyone can come to voice their concerns. As for feedback, they said the more people that show up, the better chance the policy can be changed.