Pay your bses Rajdhani bill very conveniently

Bses Rajdhani Power Ltd is a very vast connection of projects that are related to reliance power. It is same as the Bses Yamuna Power limited and it distributes electricity in various distant areas and localities across Southern Delhi and Western Delhi. Its customers benefit from adequate electricity in a very well defined manner. The good news for all these customers is that the bses rajdhani bill payment can be done online. This is a very convenient manner for you to pay all your bills as there is no need to physically go to the office everytime you need to clear all your bills. Bses online payment is extremely suitable to people living in distant places. All they need is to register them with the bses website and avail this extraordinary service.

Bses bill payment online can be done on the bses website. You will be redirected to a payment gateway once you enter all the important credentials. The various ways of bses bill payment online are email bill, bses counters, mail cheque, oxicash, phone pay, kiosk bill payment, credit card email bill, drop boxes and ITZ cash as well as easy bill. You will have to register with the website for bses Yamuna online bill payment by entering your CA number and CRN number.

Credit card and net banking

Bses rajdhani bill payment can be done by using the facility of your credit/debit card and net banking. You will get an online conformation and a number of transaction related references. You can also use your master card, diners or account of net banking for the purpose of payment.

Cheque in mail

You will also be able to draw the cheque in the favor of the BRBL account. You must then attach the slip of the bill payment. Later you can also mail the cheque by a postal service or a courier service to an appropriate address.


There are various benefits of this online bill payment service. These benefits are as follows.

  • Convenience- You are no more required to save any substantial bill copy. You will just have to click on the print option in order to get the printout of the electricity bill.
  • The e- bill facility does not require you to pay any cost for it.
  • There is a lot of speed in this process. Everything is processed in a very fast manner.
  • Although it is extremely necessary for you to note that the physical copy of a bill is very useful for the delivery of that bill to the billing address.

Apart from paying the bses bills online, you can also register for complaints. These complaints will be taken care of in the next few working days. It cannot get more convenient than this. All you have to do is to visit the website and then register your complaint by clicking on the complaint option. You must not ignore it if you have any complaints as all grievances can be solved.