Why Your POS System needs the Cloud

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Considering that everything is digital these days, it’s easy for things to quickly become obsolete. However, in this day and age, everything technology-related can be stored in the cloud. Cloud technology is believed to keep your data safe and secure, and everything stored on it is easily accessible from any device no matter what your location. It’s extremely convenient and attractive for businesses of all kinds. As a result, there are plenty of reasons why your point of sale system needs the cloud.

Better Mobility

A cloud-based POS allows for better mobility as it allows you to add any mobile device to your current system. This means that you can add a smartphone or tablet to your system and allow your employees to access information from any device no matter where they are, which increases productivity as a whole. In addition, the cloud conveniently supersedes the need to create a separate POS system for mobile devices.

Less Downtime

A point of sale system in the cloud allows for less downtime than a traditional one that is Windows-based. With a traditional POS system, you run the risk of a crash, corrupted file or malware attack. As a result, it can result in downtime while your technical support staff fixes the issue. A cloud-based system also prevents the issue of individual devices having to be updated, which spares your business the problem of downtime. Cloud POS systems only require a single update on one device and all other devices that are connected receive that update as well.

Increased Data Visibility

Cloud-based systems allow you to take your business anywhere you want as long as you have Internet access. It means that, in real-time, you can look at everything pertinent to your business, including inventory, productivity, labor usage and your daily totals from any location on any device. It also allows you to update any data as well, even if you are home or on vacation, off-the-clock.

Better Security

Your POS in the cloud allows for better security as you don’t have to worry about hackers or other thieves accessing the data. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about running out of storage space because everything is loaded on a number of off-site servers. Security is vastly improved, meaning you don’t have to worry about the problem of stolen credit or debit cards.

Cost Effective

While a traditional POS system is costly thanks to fees and licenses for maintenance, software and hardware, cloud-based POS systems are generally cheaper because they have low monthly costs and no additional fees. Cloud POS systems also don’t require you to be locked into an annual subscription and instead allow you to cancel whenever you want.

Easy Integration

Finally, a cloud-based POS system allows for better integration of your accounting software, as well as rewards, gift cards and loyalty programs.

To get the most out of your point of sale system, the cloud is the way to go. Everything stored is easily accessible and highly secure, which is beneficial for your business.