PS4 Exclusive Until Dawn Not Working for PSN Buyers

Until Dawn, Sony’s exclusive horror game, has hit digital and physical store shelves the world over. However those who have pre-ordered the game through the PlayStation Network are still unable to play it.

Posts on Reddit and Sony’s official community page claim that the game can be downloaded but on launching, consumers are met with a message that says it has 128 days till it can be played.

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Sony’s support has posted a fix that involves restoring licences but that was met with a host of angry posts stating that it doesn’t do anything to rectify the issue.

With video game publishers adamant at pushing an all-digital future, situations like this do little to inspire confidence in consumers who buy into the idea of getting their content delivered to them via speedy Internet connections instead of purchasing a disc.

While services like Steam and GOG Galaxy on PC have almost perfected the art of delivering games digitally, it’s but obvious that Sony has a long way to go before it can even come close.

Nonetheless, both Sony and the developer, Supermassive Games are aware of the problem are trying to fix it at the earliest.