Railway board asks book stalls at the platform to sell books on India Culture, morals

Railway platforms must sell books on India Culture, morals

According to a report in PTI, “Zonal railways shall ensure that all MPS must display and sell books pertaining to Indian tradition, culture, values, morals and history.”

Furthermore, the report stated that multipurpose stalls will have all miscellaneous, curio stalls, bookstalls and chemist stalls.

Book stall policy of 2004

  • The stalls will keep books on varied subjects like literature, history, children’s literature, fiction, travel, light reading, art, culture, current affairs, professional interests, national integration, etc. in English, Hindi and regional languages
  • According to the circular, other items to be sold at the stalls are artifacts and items of local and regional importance, proprietary article depot items, drinking water, over-the-counter medicines and non-pharmacy items like dry milk powder
  • It is compulsory for the sellers to publish timetable and trains at a glance
  • Who can run these stalls?
    • Retailers, individuals and self-help groups
  • How to apply for running the stall at railway stations:
    • According to the policy, the individual should have acquired a licence to run these stalls.
  • Payment options:
    • The policy states, “It is mandatory for such stalls to have a point of sale or swipe machine for acceptance of credit and debit cards from all customers without charging any additional transaction charge for any sale above Rs 100.”
    • Moreover, the payment below Rs100 can be done through e-wallet.
  • Inspections and Monitoring:
    • According to the official notification, Zonal railways will frequently inspect bookstalls. In case of any irregularity fine may be imposed on the defaulting licence.
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