Reprints Desk Introduces Data-Driven Gadgets in Newest Version of SaaS Research Platform

Reprints Desk Introduces Data-Driven Gadgets in Newest Version of SaaS Research Platform

ENCINO, CA–(Marketwired – April 13, 2017) – Research Solutions, Inc. (RSSS), a pioneer in providing cloud-based solutions for scientific research, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Reprints Desk today announced the launch of a new version of the company’s award-winning Article Galaxy research platform. New features include full mobile responsiveness, design enhancements, an improved order history page, and the introduction of an ecosystem of gadgets — powerful apps that allow for sophisticated data augmentation of content.

“Gadgets will revolutionize the way research is done today,” stated Peter Derycz, CEO and President of Research Solutions, Inc. “Similar to mobile apps, gadgets are highly flexible and customizable tools for scientific research, capable of augmenting scientific documents with data and streamlining cumbersome research processes.”

The new Article Galaxy platform version has been introduced to selected customers in a phased approach starting on March 24, 2017. Initially, migration is optional and Reprints Desk will continue to support the current legacy platform until September 1st, 2017. Any existing order options used by customers today — such as IP and browser-based orders, online orders via, email, OpenURL integration, and APIs interfaces — will not change.

Redesigned User Interface

The new Article Galaxy platform delivers a completely redesigned user interface with more friendly navigation capabilities, an enhanced technology infrastructure, improved order history and new functionalities enabling quick look up of re-use rights, availability options and online mentions of journal articles. Features include:

  • Enhanced Order Forms – easier and faster document orders
  • Improved Order History – filter, sort, search and download, all in one place
  • Re-Use Rights Check – view re-use rights information from anywhere in the system
  • Article Explorer – availability options, Altmetric scores and cited-by references at a glance

Full Mobile Responsiveness

The new Article Galaxy platform’s switch from multi-page applications to single page applications allows for faster response times, improved user experience and full mobile responsiveness across devices for seamless use on smart phones and tablets.

Ecosystem of Gadgets

Debuting in this new version of the Article Galaxy platform, Reprints Desk’s ecosystem of gadgets will securely gather and enhance data from a variety of formats, such as bibliographic citations, table of contents and RSS feeds, PDF files, XML feeds, web content, and much more. An alternative to manual data filtering and extraction, gadgets are powerful apps capable of performing a particular function such as identifying protein structures from bibliographic information and instantly surfacing 3-D visuals, saving time for users and making data dramatically more usable.

Gadgets can be dragged and dropped across the user’s screen, removed if desired, and customized in a matter of minutes. The first flagship gadgets include:

  • Order Documents – quickly opens the order form to order any documents
  • View Order History – instantly provides order information at a glance
  • Get Help – rapidly accesses customer support form for help requests
  • 3-D Protein Viewer – visualizes protein structures extracted from any bibliographic citation
  • Journal TOC – follows the newest journal articles in 24,000 publications
  • Trending Articles – tracks the most popular scientific papers based on Altmetric Scores
  • Article Galaxy Widget Installer – enables one-click access to 70+ discovery sites
  • Product News – helps you to follow any product mentioned online

Many more gadgets for a multitude of functions will be deployed in the future and can be custom-developed on-demand by Reprints Desk within days.

Corporations, academic institutions, and government organizations around the world rely on Article Galaxy for copyright-compliant access to full-text scientific, technical, and medical content when subscription access does not yet exist. As a cloud-based research intelligence platform, Article Galaxy provides one-stop shopping, automated data augmentation of scientific content, and lowest cost acquisition of full-text journal articles, ensuring copyright-compliant access when filtering requests against subscriptions and Open Access content.

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