Royal Enfield Himalayan gets customised into the D-71 Fiddler

Bulleteer Customs, a Bangalore-based custom motorcycle building outfit, was commissioned by Royal Enfield to modify a Himalayan. Royal Enfield gave Bulleteer Customs the design brief for a Fiddler crab inspired motorcycle, which was carried out to perfection by the customisation outfit.

The motorcycle’s design is inspired by the Fiddler Crab, which has asymmetric pincers. To reflect this, even the customised Himalayan has a few design highlights that indicate the asymmetry. There’s a brush guard on only one side of the handlebar while the front fork brace gets a pincer-like appearance.

The rear sub-frame of the stock Himalayan has been dumped for a chopped rear, which also makes the D-71 custom motorcycle a single-seater. Other changes include a Renthal handlebar, a Leo Vince exhaust, a free flow pod air filter, a smaller but wider front tyre that looks like a 17-inch unit, a fatter rear tyre, an after-market rear sprocket and twin LED strips for headlamps up front. The rims get custom paint schemes. The motorcycle has a distinct, super-moto look and feel, and is  something that could inspire a lot of Himalayan owners, who don’t want a tall, 21-inch wheel that makes the bike’s handling blunter on the road.

The Himalayan is Royal Enfield’s only off-road focused motorcycle, which also doubles up as a true-blue tourer.  India’s most affordable adventure motorcycle, the Himalayan is powered by a 411-cc, four-stroke engine with 24.5 Bhp of peak power and 32 Nm of peak torque on tap. The engine uses a two-valve head with an overhead camshaft.

Oil cooling and fuel injection are standard, and so is a five-speed manual gearbox. The stock Himalayan gets high travel front telescopic forks, a rear monoshock unit and a mammoth, 220-mm ground clearance. The motorcycle is priced at about Rs. 1.9 lakhs, on-road Delhi, and is available in black, white and camouflage paint schemes.