Signs that Your Business Needs a Security Guard

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All businesses whether big or small are susceptible to criminal activity occurring on their premises. Most businesses like banks, convenience stores, and retail outlets are major targets for theft.However, illegal activity can take place at any business. Places where large groups of people gather, like at festivals or sporting events may also have to deal with lawlessness and disorder, especially if alcohol is involved.

Hiring a licensed and reputable security agency helps ensure public safety and provides protection against potential loss. So, how does a small business go about hiring private security companies? What are the signs that indicate the need for protection with a security guard? We’re going to provide you with all the answers and highlight the signs that your business needs security guard services here.

1.      Safety Concerns in the Parking Lot

If your business has a parking lot facility, it must be well-lit; otherwise, customers and employees are going to feel unsafe when they’re walking to their vehicles. Unattended parking lots become a breeding ground for muggings, vandalism, and theft. To protect property and ensure that people are safe on your premises you’ll need to hire a security guard to patrol the parking lot.

2.      Your Business Is in A High Crime Area

If your business facilities are situated in a high crime area, you’ll need to acquire the services of a security guard. That doesn’t mean your business is based in a bad neighborhood, as even a warehouse that is in a rural area with no population around for miles could need protection, to prevent break-ins.

3.      You’re Dealing with Retail Theft

According to the National Retail Federation, retailers lost more than $44 billion from theft in 2014, and 34% of that number was theft from employees. That is the reason why any retail setting is going to benefit with a security guard present. A licensed and well-trained security guard will reduce shrinkage, save money and limit liability for a business.

4.      Liability Issues Are Becoming a Problem

If your business has suffered losses on general liability or worker’s compensation policies, your insurance company will want a corrective action plan, which involves acquiring the services of a security company. This will allow your business to benefit from a break in premiums as well.

5.      You Have Problems with Record Keeping

One of the main tasks assigned to security guards is keeping a record of the daily activities regarding the personnel, property, and safety. For instance, if a door accidentally opens repeatedly, it will form a pattern, and the guard will notice that and keep that on record. It could be that the door doesn’t properly lock, or the employees are leaving it open to sneak back inside after hours.

6.      You Have Concerns about Safety Issues

If you’re worried that your business has safety issues, you should secure the services of a security guard company to protect your business. Having professionals, who are committed to safety and know how to protect your business will help improve the safety of your business significantly.