Smart TV Pros and Cons


If you’re planning to upgrade from your old television to a more modern one, you’re probably considering Smart TV as your next option. Wouldn’t having a Smart TV be great? Well, there are certain advantages that Smart TVs offer that other modern TVs don’t. However, there are also some problems that come with Smart TVs.

What’s all this Smart TV stuff about anyway?

Put simply, a Smart TV is a TV that is connected to the Internet. These TVs come with various features that make them have capabilities similar to computers. One of these features is built-in apps such as web browsers, social media apps and games.

In theory, these televisions allow for greater connectivity to suit our modern lifestyles. They allow you to stream videos over the internet and do just about anything you want on your web browser. However, before you purchase a Smart TV, consider the pros and cons below:

The Good

  • Convenience

One of the main reasons people purchase Smart TVs is the convenience they offer. Because of their built in Wi-Fi capabilities and their native access to platforms such as YouTube and Netflix, you can eliminate the need for additional boxes.

  • Clean look

Eliminating the need for a box means eliminating the need for more wires. You can therefore achieve a clean look when hanging your Smart TV up on the wall. You also eliminate the need for that extra remote.

  • Get social

Smart TV owners can also use their TVs to browse the internet and connect to their online lives through social media apps. They can browse through the internet without having to connect to a different device.

  • Enhanced viewing experience

If you are a fan of streaming videos, then you’ll enjoy having a Smart TV. Smart TVs are designed to enable viewers to access videos from online sources including YouTube. You can also stream videos online from various TV service providers. Check out You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to content to watch.

The Bad

  • More expensive

All those features and capabilities come at an added cost. Purchasing a smart TV is therefore more expensive than purchasing a TV of the same size that is not ‘connected’. Consider how much you’re willing to pay for smart capabilities before purchasing a TV.

  • Using Web browsers is a chore

A recent report showed that only 10% of the people who buy smart TVs use the TV’s web browsers. This is because using a web browser on a Smart TV is a chore for many consumers. There’s nothing more annoying than having to type using a remote control. Looking for information or browsing through Facebook can become tedious.

  • Security breaches are real

Any ‘Smart’ product in the market today that is connected to the internet comes with security risks. However, Smart TVs are emerging as the most vulnerable to hacking. Hackers are now able to gain control of cameras and apps on your TV to access your personal files on your home system.

If you’re planning to purchase a Smart TV, ensure that you apply a strategy to enhance your security.

Manufacturers continue to release new TV features often. Look out for new features that may enhance security and your user experience when you begin your search for a TV.