‘Splinter Cell’ movie: Joseph Kahn might be new director; will Tom Hardy’s other gadgets be stripped off?

Tom Hardy

Since writers including Director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) have backed out from the “Splinter Cell” movie in the earlier part of this year, Ubisoft is on the search for a new director. Joseph Kahn might be hired to take on directing duties. Whoever will finally take the lead may also have a final say if viewers will see Tom Hardy’s character as Sam Fisher with less gadgets as earlier announced by Liman.


A new writer has been recently confirmed for “Splinter Cell” in the person of actor/writer John Hughes. This time, the creators of the movie are on the look-out for a new director. According to Realty Today, Ubisoft, the maker of the said video game from which the movie is adapted, might hire Joseph Kahn. Aside from the change in writers, the change in the director is said to be one of the reasons of the movie’s delay.

“Splinter Cell” is currently in pre-production. Tom Hardy will play as Sam Fisher, who, based in the video game, is a former CIA operative, now a secret black-ops agent for Third Echelon who will take down international terrorists and rogue forces under the Splinter Cell project. Sam Fisher is known to be carrying armours and Slashfilm says that originally, when Doug Liman was still directing, he wanted to minimize them. Whoever takes on directing duties will have to decide then if this change will still be retained.


Tom Hardy, whose previous movies include Mad Max: Fury Road, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Black Hawk Down, This Means War and many other films which are mostly action, will be seen again in some projects soon. According to Yahoo, Hardy’s current work includes “The Revenant” opposite Leonardo di Caprio where they both play as hunters. Softpedia reports that Hardy is also doing “Legend”.

“Splinter Cell” meanwhile will be another video game-adapted movie that fans can watch out for as its characters are brought to life.


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