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New CERN Particle Accelerator May Help Both Doctors and Art Sleuths

A new particle accelerator unveiled at CERN, the European physics research centre, is expected to spawn portable accelerators that could help doctors treat cancer patients and experts analyse artwork. CERN is gradually upgrading its hardware to get more data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), its 27-km (17-mile) circular accelerator that smashes protons together at almost the speed of light ... Read More »

It’s a ‘non-believer’s market,’ and here’s why it shouldn’t be: Wunderlich’s Art Hogan

One of Wall Street’s most veteran strategists wants investors to keep the faith. Wunderlich Chief Market Strategist Art Hogan is arguing there’s years left in this bull market. “It’s just a non-believer’s market, and that reflects itself in retail participation, institutional cash on the sidelines — all those things that show you that there never really has been a great ... Read More »

Jaguar to conduct Art Performance Tour this weekend

Jaguar will kick off their Art Performance Tour in India this weekend. The first tour begins in Hyderabad, where the entire line-up of Jaguar cars will be available for a drive experience for customers. The list of cars includes the XE, XF, XJ, F-Type and even the recently launched Jaguar F-Pace for a test drive. This first event will take ... Read More »