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‘Bad Goldilocks’ emerges as market’s worst enemy

Remember “Goldilocks,” that pristine economic condition where growth was strong but not so strong as to induce tighter Fed policy? Well, now meet her evil twin. This is the new state of affairs in the U.S., where growth isn’t strong enough to inspire much confidence but not weak enough to induce easing from the U.S. central bank. It’s an uncomfortable ... Read More »

Kors shares jump as less bad is good enough

Shares of Michael Kors shot up more than 20 percent Tuesday, after the handbag maker reported sales and profits that easily topped Wall Street’s expectations during the holiday quarter. More importantly, despite aggressive promotions that permeated across the broader handbag sector, the affordable luxury maker also reported better-than-feared gross margins. Adam Jeffery | CNBC A Michael Kors retail store on ... Read More »

US energy M&A hits 5-year low as oil patch enters ‘survival mode’: Report

Dealmaking in America’s oil patch plunged to a five-year low in the fourth quarter as corporations preserved cash in the face of falling crude prices and tight capital markets. The U.S. energy sector announced 42 deals worth $50 million or more for a total of $31.6 billion in mergers and acquisitions in the closing months of 2015, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. ... Read More »

Is Apple really as cheap as it looks?

“Apple is cheap” has long been a Wall Street cliché. It’s now become an increasingly desperate plea of shareholders unable to understand why the most profitable company in history seems valued by the stock market as if it’s a mediocre business. With a decline of nearly 5 percent, to just above $95 Wednesday following a mixed earnings report and sober ... Read More »

Android 6.0 coming to Xiaomi Mi Note as soon as Friday

Testing over folks, the Xiaomi Mi Note is getting the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update soon – should be tomorrow! The Developer Edition already received the update and it’s firmware version MRA58K. The MIUI interface is at version 7, no surprises here. A screenshot of the updated About screen Keep in mind that this is for the Xiaomi Mi Note, not ... Read More »

The Fitly SmartPlate may not be quite as dumb as other smart tableware

Given my evisceration of the absurd Vessyl smart cup, I have to commend Fitly for being brave enough to show me its SmartPlate. Toss in the HAPIlabs’ smart fork, and you would appear to have the most ridiculous table setting in the world. Because do I really want my tableware to be “smart”? Do I want it to win on ... Read More »