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C is the most perfect language and it will run on anything. It will even run on a computer without a CPU. The computer in question here is the Gigatron, a fully-functional ‘home computer’ the likes of which you would find in the late 70s and early 80s, complete with a VGA output. What makes the Gigatron exceptional is the fact that ... Read More »

2017 Detroit Motor Show: Mercedes-AMG introduces GT C Coupe

Mercedes-AMG has taken the wraps of the newest member of its GT family. Sitting snugly in between the GT S and the monster-of-green-hell GT R is – GT C Coupe. Do not mistake it with the GT C that we wrote about earlier because it was the GTC Roadster and this one is a coupe. The GT C Coupe will ... Read More »


For a long time now Motorola has been rumored to be reviving the Moto X line. Once these were its flagship smartphones, but now that job is reserved for the Moto Z. So the next Moto X, if there will ever be one, will sit in the company’s portfolio right below the Z. That means the new X should have ... Read More »

Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe spotted undisguised

Following the AMG GT C Roadster which was launched just a few months ago, Mercedes-AMG is now gearing up to launch its hard-top sibling. The car has been spotted undisguised at what looked like an official photo shoot just outside the German manufacturer’s headquarters. The GT C Coupe will be positioned between the standard AMG GT S and the top-of-the-line ... Read More »

Vitamin C intake may help reduce the chance of cataracts

t foods rich in vitamin C, if you want to keep cataracts at bay. A study published in Ophthalmologysuggests that diet and lifestyle, rather than genetics, may have the most significant impact on cataract development, and vitamin C could cut the risk of the disorder by one third. Cataracts involve a clouding of the lens. Cataracts develop with age. Results ... Read More »