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Headset-Less VR System Unveiled by Japanese Engineers

HIGHLIGHTS 8K:VR Ride does not require users to wear any headgear Viewers are placed on two elevated chairs just in front of a screen The semi-spherical screen entirely engulfs their field of vision A¬†virtual reality¬†“space ride” in which viewers feel as if they are flying through the air inside a giant glass ball has been developed in Japan. Unlike conventional ... Read More »

How Amputees And Engineers Are Rethinking The Human Form

          Welcome to Reading List, a weekly collection of great tech reads from around the web. This week we explore re-engineering the human body, how New York was transformed into “Fear City,” seven myths about Silicon Valley, and more! Enjoy. More and more amputees, engineers, and would-be cyborgs are rejecting the notion that the average human ... Read More »