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Meet Opera Neon, Opera’s radical vision for the future of web browsers

Hardware vendors sometimes publicize their visions of the future. So do automakers. Now Opera Software is getting into the game with Neon, the company’s first concept browser. Opera’s new Neon browser for Macs and Windows PCs isn’t game-changing—in fact, rather than a “concept,” it feels more like applying a fresh coat of paint. But Opera also succeeds in paring down ... Read More »

CES 2017: BMW reveals i Inside Future Sculpture and autonomous 5 Series

The 2017 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is underway and is previewing some outrageous and fascinating glimpses of the future of the automotive world. The most futuristic among this lot is the ‘i Inside Future Sculpture’ showcased by BMW. BMW believes that cars in the future will have a connected and usable interior which will come into play when the occupants ... Read More »

CES 2017: Mercedes-Benz ‘adVANce’s to the future

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA is turning out to be the showcase of the electric future. This year, Mercedes has continued on its electric concept offensive in an attempt to infuse the latest developments in Internet of Things and related business technologies to their Vision Van that was unveiled in September 2016. “The transportation of goods and ... Read More »

Faraday Future reveals FF91 electric SUV at CES

Faraday Future has been putting its shoulder to the wheels for the last 12 months and has finally taken the wraps of its new electric autonomous SUV. Christened as FF91, the California-based electric car manufacturer is calling the car a ‘new species’ and has dubbed it a spectacle of technology. The FF91 claims to have the largest battery size with ... Read More »

Faraday Future FF91 Picture Gallery

After Faraday Future showcased an outrageous concept car at the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the California-based electric car start-up has taken this year’s CES by storm after unveiling their first ever production EV. The electric autonomous SUV is dubbed as FF91 and is replete with a plethora of new-age technologies. The launch is followed after a long list of ... Read More »

Faraday Future teases its first production car ahead of launch

If you haven’t heard about the Faraday Future before don’t be surprised. It is a start-up which was established with a focus on developing electric cars. It was instituted in 2014 and debuted its first concept vehicle, a single-seater electric car called the FFZERO1, at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Now over the last few months, the company has ... Read More »

Why electric vehicles are the Future

Hollywood is quite obsessed with the future – From flying cars to autonomous cars, we have had almost all permutations and combinations in movies made in the last two or three decades. But there is one thing that stands out as the common strand that binds them all – electric power. So why does everyone think that electric cars will ... Read More »

Behold the blazing-fast future of storage: 60TB SSDs, 3D chips, and more

1 of 9 Thumbnails MORE See larger image Credit: Michael Homnick The biggest deal you haven’t heard of You probably haven’t heard of the Flash Media Summit, and for good reason. The annual industry conference relentlessly focuses on a single niche—ultra-fast flash-based storage. What’s more, it does so in a way that tends to highlight the underlying technology and its ... Read More »

June’s powerful new pc hardware: The sunrise of a glorious future

Staring into the future In a year that’s already been flat-out first-rate for decent new pc hardware, June nonetheless managed to set a new excessive-water mark. How ought to it now not? This month added the advent of sparkling chips from both Intel and AMD, thecreation of desktops you put on to your back (significantly), and the glorious rekindling of ... Read More »

Analyst: This stock jump may also sign a comeback for tech within the near future

The technology sector has taken its proportion of hits this yr, having fallen 2 percentage, butimplemented substances‘ stellar trading day may also sign a pending reversal in fortunes for the wholespace, said Daniel Morgan, a Synovus trust portfolio manager, on Friday. “Semiconductor gadget is a preliminary … in terms of orders,” he advised CNBC’s “Squawk Alley.” “with a bit of ... Read More »