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The lure of computers means Americans are sitting more than before

Despite the growing alarm about the harmful effects of sitting too much, Americans are sitting more than in the past — in part because people are spending more leisure time in front of the computers. The association between lots of sitting and bad health is now well-established, but there hasn’t been a lot of data on how sedentary Americans actually are, says Yin Cao, ... Read More »

Automakers lure buyers with interesting December discounts to clear stocks

Potential automotive buyers in the country are well aware about ample discounts and perks offered by automakers and dealers in December, as they attempt to clear up their unsold lot before the end of the year. As the November’s demonetisation drive has caused furor in the country, the automotive market has also taken a considerable hit. In an attempt to ... Read More »

This market is riddled with lure doors: Evercore strategist

A weakening dollar has eased worries about U.S. organizations‘ overseas overall performance, howeverEvercore ISI portfolio strategist Dennis Debusschere warned on Tuesday that horrific news can simplesttranslate into properly information for so long. The greenback has weakened due to the fact crucial banks were suppressing volatility and U.S. economicinformation had been deteriorating, Debusschere stated. As a end result, financial overall performanceand ... Read More »