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Google Shipped Some Pixel 2 XL Units Without an Operating System, Users Report

There seems to be no end to Google’s woes when it comes to new Pixel 2 devices. The latest issue to have been reported by some Pixel 2 XL buyers is receiving a unit without an operating system. There are multiple threads on Reddit on the issue, and almost all users complain about the same messagewelcoming them “Can’t find valid operating system. The device will not start.” ... Read More »

Hyundai Motors fastens pace for connected car operating system development

For a while now Hyundai Motors has been working on its independently-developed ccOS (connected car Operating System), which will bring advanced integrated technologies to customers and offer a revolutionary driving experience. The ccOs technology will first be seen in Hyper-connected Intelligent car which is set for launch in 2020. Security and data management for a multitude of connected car services ... Read More »