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Drat It | Working on a desktop computer? How retro

When my husband and I bought our first tablet computer for the family six or seven years ago, we were mistaken about several things. First of all, the whole concept of having one tablet for three people was a huge mistake. Really, the gadgets are designed to serve one master. More importantly, one of the people supposedly sharing the device was ... Read More »

2017 Honda CB1100 EX ride review: Retro in the best possible way

Yes, motorcycles are still fun. If you remember the revolutionary CB750, you’ll love the new CB1100 EX. It’s a big, comfortable retro-sporty-cruiser that starts at $12,579 Was anybody here around in 1969? Or the early ‘70s? Did anybody like motorcycles then? If so, you have to recall the debut of the Honda CB750 Four. That was almost as big a deal as the dawn of internal ... Read More »

Doom co-creators John Romero and Adrian Carmack unveil retro shooter Blackroom

replace, 29 April: And the crowdfunding qualms win out. After raising approximately $150K inside theremaining four days, Romero and Carmack “paused” Blackroom’s Kickstarter campaign this morning—which means, it’s canceled at the moment while they work on a demo. From the principle page: “The team is at paintings on a demo which demonstrates the sort of gameplay, appearance, andrevolutionary, cool capabilities ... Read More »