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Here’s why today is an important day for the markets

This is an important day. It’s important we hold some gain, even a modest one. On Friday, the markets sank, but it’s not that they sank, it’s where they sank to. We ended essentially at the August lows (let’s not quibble about a few points here and there), which were the lows for last year. Inflection points Dow: 15,666 (August ... Read More »

Why mini-boom for utilities is suspicious

Utilities, what’s wrong with this picture? Utilities are the best performers of the year, one of only two sectors in positive territory. The Dow Utilities are up about 7 percent, while telecom is up roughly 5 percent. The S&P 500, meanwhile is down about 9 percent. Some electric utilities have seen double-digit gains on the year: Chesapeake Utilities – 16 ... Read More »