Take Your Part Time MBA in Toronto

Toronto is one of the ten most competitive cities in the world: it’s financially mature, it’s constantly growing, and its business leaders have an international outlook. Manufacturing and technology industries intersect with R&D and academic institutions in Toronto, which is considered to be the heart of Canada’s financial industry. It’s a great city to live, work, and study in. Earning your MBA in Toronto can lead you to a network of future leaders in this country and the world.

Before you decide where you’re going to go, ask yourself these questions and evaluate potential schools based on how well they fit your needs:

  • Do you plan on working while you study, and do you need to make time for family?
  • Do you want to finish your education with “panoramic vision,” i.e. the ability to see and solve business problems from every angle?
  • Are you hoping for a personalized education that will sharpen your analytical skills and develop you as a critical thinker with value to add to any company?
  • Do you want to pursue a more specialized designation, such as CPA or CFA alongside your main degree?


So what qualities should you look for in Toronto MBA programs?

#1 Flexibility – Many candidates want to pursue their careers as they study, either to offset the cost of their degree or because it’s too much of a risk to leave their jobs. You might consider the 3.3-year program at Wilfrid Laurier’s downtown Toronto campus, which entails classes on alternating weekends, with the summers off. That leaves time for students to raise families, continue their careers, and not burn themselves out. Educators have learned that even adult students who are stretched too thin do not perform at their best, or retain everything that they could.

#2 Pursue a CPA Designation or CFA – In order to work in highly specialized financial fields, you will want to enhance your MBA with a CPA designation or by passing the CFA exams. Students enrolled in the Laurier MBA program in Toronto can earn their CPA simultaneously, while those who plan on taking the CFA exams are prepared for one of the toughest designations in the financial industry. The CFA designation is a way for those who want to work in wealth management or investment banking to prove their analytical skills and distinguish themselves from the crowd.

#3 Well-Rounded Perspective – A great way to give yourself an edge over the competition is with a specialization, but the purpose of an MBA is to give students a well-rounded education in business administration. They have to be able to tackle challenges from all angles, incorporating aspects from marketing to operations to the hard numbers. One way to gain a well-rounded perspective is with a part time MBA in Toronto from Wilfrid Laurier, which begins with their “Integrated Core” term. This term includes a series of group projects that aim to develop a student’s holistic knowledge of business administration. Students are encouraged to learn from each other and their different backgrounds in order to come up with solutions to challenges taken from real world scenarios. The MBA program you decide on should challenge you; you will emerge as a more capable, knowledgeable, and well-rounded leader in one of the world’s most competitive cities.