The best cases and covers for iPhone 6 Plus

IPhone 6 and its larger version, the iPhone 6 Plus, and reign in the market for the best smartphones. The Ultimate Apple was swift but arrived just in time. If you already have or want, you can now give a personal touch. We show you the 7 best iPhone cases and housings 6 Plus

Cover plus extra battery

With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the market, which is now “tune it”, customize them, give them a personal ouch that make them unique in the world.

Ho, there are several websites and physical stores that sell hundreds of different housings and covers. In addition, there are even different functions. If you want to give a distinctive touch to your Apple mobile, from we provide work and show you the top 7 cases and cases for your iPhone 6 Plus . some good iphone case will found here you may try this as well.

To open this brief ranking we teach you a useful housing which incorporates a battery of 4,200 mAh . With it attached to the iPhone 6 plus you can forget about running out of battery.

With Apple Air

In this case for the iPhone 6 Plus you will have a discrete terminal. The white color makes your body go unnoticed. Just do not cover the Apple symbol on the back of the terminal, which is essential for the phone.

Discreet and Functional

This is one of the most useful and least notices you’re wearing. It Made for those who want to show all the iPhone 6 plus in its splendor but with a minimum of protection to save him from bumps and scratches. Make your iphone fine by using Unique Iphone 6s Cases Here.

It is a framework that protects the sides and corners of your iPhone 6 Plus, but that exposes both the back and front.

Everything But Discreet

In this case we can say that if you choose to make with it is because you want people to see you carry an iPhone 6 Plus as only the color, you will see a few hundreds of meters around.

Wood Good

The material in this case is the most surprising since we’re not used to seeing or carrying a bag like this, made in selected wood.

It gives you a different look as well as a new and distinct touch. Wood is an expensive material, so striking the adjusted price.

Take the Gold

Dress up your iPhone 6 Plus gold with this luxurious and apparent housing. Give a unique twist that makes everyone look at your terminal. The golden color long dresses and Christmas.