Tips to Keep Your Site Secure

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Do you have a website you have poured countless hours into that your business relies on? Do you have customers who trust you with their personal data? Well, I’m sure you want to keep this site secure. Here are some tips on how to keep your site secure from a variety of malware and hackers.

Use a 3rd Party Service
Third party services used for security can be a one-stop-shop for keeping your site secure. As you can see from Sitelock Reviews, many people find 3rd party services a crucial tool in keeping web data safe and secure from backdoors and DDoS attacks. 3rd party sites user the power their user base to stay up to date on the latest threats. These 3rd party services often provide features like Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and PCI compliance, which can sweeten the deal. If you are looking to take a load of your own web team and ensure you site stays secure, consider using a 3rd party web security service.

Keep Everything Up To Date
One of the simplest and most important ways to keep your data and site secure is to make sure your web software is up to date. This is critical in keeping your site free from vulnerabilities, especially when using popular CMS platforms such as WordPress or Drupal. If you manage this yourself it is usually done through your web software, if you have a managed host you will want to contact them to ensure they are keeping everything up to date. You will also need to make sure you all you plugins and themes are up to date as these can be easy targets for back guys and bots.

Don’t Fall For Spam
If your site has user sign up forms you have probably received countless spam requests for accounts. This is a common way for hackers to get access to your site, hoping you will click the activation link in order to give them access to admin side of your webpage. This requires hyper vigilance when checking your email request. One way to get around this is to use “captcha” codes to make potential users fill in one of those annoying boxes to ensure that they are not a robot. You may also consider giving your login page a custom URL for login or even turning off  newuser sign ups. A similar problem is spam comments, bots are known to prowl sites and fill in comments; with their own agenda. While these comments may not but your site and risk they may provide unsavory, offensive, and even dangerous links to your users. So to keep your site secure you must be vigilant against spam users and spam comments.

If you want to ensure your sites are secure consider using a 3rd party service, be sure you keep everything up to date, and don’t fall for SPAM emails or comments. Following these tips can ensure you sleep sound at night knowing your website is safe and sound.