Top 5 Instagram Sites for Travel


Grass, trees, other cars or streetlights may not make you excited to be on the road. That’s why it’s so memorable when you do see something out of the ordinary, like a particularly full moon or a huge field lit up with fireflies. But because you have to keep your eyes on the road, or you’re too busy rushing to get somewhere that you pass them by without noticing, you are not able to take a picture to capture the moment. It’s tough to avoid being a distracted driver. Luckily,others are able to share their pictures with you via social media. Here are arguably the top 5 Instagram travel sites…

Gabriela @gmateus

Gabriela takes you around the world, and she doesn’t necessarily make you feel uncultured or lame just because you’re not doing the same thing. Check out her pictures that give you a beautiful and sometimes unusual perspective on the places she visits.

NVRguys @NVRGuys

Ever had a friend come from out of town to stay with you, and have this realization that you barely know the place where you live? With so many things to do in any given city, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and just stick with what you know. While some outings are bound to be disasters, this Instagram account of a couple out on the town is all about showing you that you don’t need to take a vacation to travel and find what you love in your own backyard.

Allan Edward Hinton @chaiwalla

People who are traveling love to show you their many adventurous stunts, and they always seem to want to upstage one another. Allan Hinton doesn’t give you close-up photos of his smiling face having a better time than you, but rather gives you a sense of the expanse of the places he’s visiting by showing himself getting lost in the urban and literal jungles.

Jackson Harries @jackharries

If you love the millennial culture, then this is probably the right account for you. Taking a year off for school, Jack Harries has a YouTube series and a lot of film talent in his family. He’s updated traditional film and plays to give it a younger edge, and you can check out his take on the travels throughout Europe and beyond.

Audrey Bergner Jeffery @thatbackpacker

Succinct and unpretentious, Audrey Jeffrey has taken off throughout the world, learned new languages and ensured that she documented what she saw both in photos and in videos. Having gone to dozens of countries after just turning 18, she has made it her mission to see and learn all about the world.

Travel blogs and photos are a mixed bag for a lot of people. On the one hand, it’s exciting to see all that’s out there, but on the other it can make people feel that they should be doing more to see the world or that they’re missing out. But these Instagram accounts are meant to inspire you to start where you are. Taking a drive into an unknown area is the first step. It could teach you your love or indifference for certain places and cultures. It could give you a new hobby. Whether that’s 20 minutes away or 20 hours away, your car can take you to parts unknown. But when you’re out, you need to make sure you explore safely. A defensive driving class can help you take those first steps with more confidence on the road, and both your insurance company and the DMV will fully support your decision. They’ll reward you with lower premiums and fewer points on your license.