The Top Email Archiving Solutions Get You on Cloud Nine

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The main reasons why companies search for the top email archiving solutions are litigation, compliance, storage management, support, and knowledge management. Some also use it to monitor employee communications and disaster recovery. Whatever the reason is, it is important to make sure you find the right solution.

Understanding the Need for Top Email Archiving Solutions

Email is one of the most used types of communication worldwide. Very few people still use snail mail in order to communicate with their loved ones or with business contacts. Email enables people to contact others all over the globe in an instant. It is designed for both personal and business communication, enabling people to share information.

Most businesses use email every day, which is why they must also use archiving solutions to properly run their business. There are several different reasons for this, but perhaps the biggest one is that, if some sort of disaster happens and the critical systems are damaged, the storage solution will be a type of safety net. It ensures that all communications can be preserved. At the same time, businesses use archiving solutions because of security. These programs can monitor both incoming and outgoing communication traffic, thereby reducing the chance of security breaches and data leaks.

Additionally, having a good archiving solution in place can be a type of knowledge bank that a business can data mine. For instance, businesses should regularly go through customer support emails, where they come compartmentalize and analyze common complaints and enquiries, and what the best responses have been. Additionally, it can help pinpoint unresolved issues so that troubleshooting guides and customer service policies can be developed.

Unfortunately, if email archiving is done in house, it is quite time consuming and requires specific skills. IT departments within the business may find that all their time is spent on email recovery and maintenance. This is particularly true for businesses with heavy email traffic, where the internal mail server can also get under strain as a result. However, if businesses decide to have a cloud service email archiving solution instead, which allows them to automatically archive while also having instant access to the email, they can reduce their costs and save significant resources.

It can be difficult to choose the right archiving solution because there are so many companies out there that offer them. This is why it is important to research the options and finding the one that offers the best tools. Using the cloud is the logical next step forward, because it helps lower expenditure, makes eDiscovery very quick and easy, and continuity is maintained. Furthermore, should a disaster strike, none of the emails will be lost as they are stored on the cloud.

Take the time to review the different solutions out there, investigating what other businesses have experienced with them as well. Reading independent reviews from comparable businesses is a great way to determine whether the solution is suitable for you. Do also take advantage of any free trial offers that are out there.