Top five social media mistakes

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Who would have thought that in today’s society it could be so easy to use your social media accounts whichever they are in a way that you will deeply regret? These fun apps and accounts are supposed to be ways to connect with friends, or to reach out to a vast number of people from all walks of life with the same interests as you. However, there are some mistakes that a lot of people make that can be easily avoided. Read on to discover if you are one of the many social media users making one or more of these top five mistakes.

Following mania

When you first join Facebook or Twitter you may be tempted to add anyone who asks, or to follow anyone that follows you. Stop that immediately! Soon you will have a feed that will drive you crazy, from people you barely know or do not know at all. You may think it looks impressive to have several hundred or even thousands of “friends” on Facebook, but what good is it really doing? Be selective in the people you want to receive information from, so you aren’t wasting time scrolling through heaps of irrelevant posts.

Fake email

Online security can be taken a step too far, and you may think you’re being clever using an email account you never use and that has fake details, but what happens when you get locked out of a social media account? If you have fake emails for each of your social media accounts, it can be difficult remembering the passwords you need to access them if needs be. Luckily, social media sites o you give you the option to change your email details so you can alter it to a real email address you can easily access. Click here for information on How to change My Instagram Password and email address.

Not checking privacy settings

The entire world doesn’t need to know all your business, and if you want to avoid unscrupulous people having access to personal images and data, you will want to check your privacy settings. If you are certain the friends you have on Facebook are trusted associates, you can choose to set updates and posts so only your friends can see them. Users can even choose to prevent anybody but friends from contacting them or finding them on Facebook. Check each time you post something to make sure the settings remain as you wish them to be, because there can be glitches that mean your setting change to public.

Being inappropriate

No matter how private your social media settings, there is always the chance that something you post, something you say, or an image you share can be seen by the wrong people. So many people have ruined their careers by posting immature, and inappropriate things on social media. Don’t be one of those people, and think twice before posting something that may offend. Never, ever post something on social media when you have been drinking alcohol, and the same goes for posting when angry.

Not responding to comments

If you are a business owner and your social media accounts are used to attract customers, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not responding to comments. Whether the comment is positive or a complaint, you should always interact with your customers as soon as possible. If a customer has commented publicly rather than sending a message, respond publicly too so visitors to your page can see your attitude to customer care. Ensure your responses are professional no matter what has been said about you company and avoid using a generic response.