Uniform for first year students at Kerala’s women’s college


Kerala: First year students to wear uniform The officials at the women’s college in the district of Kozhikode told NDTV that the 18 year olds starting at a Northern Kerala college will have to wear uniforms. The uniform required a student to wear a kurta, churidaar and an overcoat instead of a dupatta. The temperature of Kerala is averaging about 27 degrees currently and can climb up to 45 degrees during the summers.

This dress code applies to the first year students and will come to effect on July 8 when the new sessions start. The senior students who have already started their session don’t have to wear a uniform but have been directed to wear only churidaar-kurta. The overcoat is not mandatory for them.

B Seethalakshmim, the principal of a college that’s run by the Muslim Education Society told NDTV, “Every year we ask students not to wear jeans and short tops. There are anyway very few here who wear such outfits. But since they don’t listen, we’ve brought in a dress code from this academic year.”

Most of the students and parents are very supportive of the new dress code, no protests or petitions have been raised against the move, as claimed by B Seethalakshmim to NDTV.

Sandhya SN, a women activist said, “We must remember the cultural context. There was a time when women could not walk with their faces uncovered here. This order must be seen in context of evolving. And eventually, as people become more accepting, these orders will be rendered obsolete.”