how to use joker wisely in a rummy card game?

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Many people in India enjoy the game of rummy over a cup of tea as they meet up with their friends. It is a fun game that unites the family and loved ones. The game also teaches you how to strategize, organise and guess the next move of the opponent. All this makes the game very much interesting to one and all. What’s more? The game can be enjoyed by people of any age-group and this makes it much more popular.

However, it is not really easy to win the game unless you understand how to play rummy. It is not just the rules of the game that is important but also the tactics of Indian rummy. We will try to help you understand the role of a joker in a game of rummy so that you can play the game better.

Joker in a Game of Indian Rummy

The goal of rummy card game is to make sets and sequences. This includes one sequence of four cards and remaining one sequence of 3 cards. Apart from this, the player either needs to make two more sequences or sets. One sequence out of the two life sequences should not use a joker. The remaining may use a joker card or a wild card joker.

If you are not acquainted with the concept of wild card joker, here is what it is. As the cards are distributed for a game of rummy, one card is pulled out by the next player and it is regarded as the wild card joker. This joker can be used instead of any other card in the artificial sequence or in the set. Read the rummy rules for more details.

How to Minimise Points Using Joker Card?

The first goal in the game of Indian rummy games is to create the life sequences, that is one natural and one artificial sequence. Before creating these sequences if the opponents call it a hand, you will lose 100 points which is the maximum number of points to lose.

Once the natural sequence and the other sequence is created, your next goal should be to minimise the points in your hand. Check the sets and sequences you have made using joker. If they are sequences or sets of higher points, try to discard them as and when you get a chance and replace the same with smaller points.

How to Use the Joker Card in Sets and Sequences?

A wise player knows that the best use of joker is done when it is used to reduce points. The joker, whether actual or wild card, is usually used in rummy either to make an artificial sequence or a set. Even when you use a wild card joker to make a set or a sequence, always keep an eye on replacement cards that may come as you pull cards from the deck. You should always keep rearranging the cards in your mind so that you can instantly show the hand when you have completed the sequences and sets.