Vests: Meaning in Different cultures

There are a number of vests of different kinds, shapes, design and looks around the world. But the basis and the common factor the runs around the vests world is the sleeveless design of the cloth designed in many forms. The most common and the most popular of all are the printed vests for men. Due to its range of print designs it is most popular amongst all the age groups. The printed vests for men and women round the world are widely used as a daily wear cloth, which provides comfort during our day to day works. We can say that it is one of the important parts of once dress up. So let us see the significance of vest around the world.


The word or the term ‘Vest’ is derived from a French word i.e. ‘Veste’ that means “a jacket or a sports coat”, Italian word i.e. ‘Vesta’ that means “a gown or a robe” and a Latin word i.e. ‘Vestis’. The common thing in all the three is the sleeveless piece of cloth worn on the upper half of the body. The Vests gained its popularity from the late 16th century, to be more precise in 1666 at the time period of The King Charles II of England.

Simply we can conclude that thevests came in role from the early eras, due to its importance. So it became popular around the world, but due to different cultures, traditions and lifestyle the vests molded itself according to the needs.

Changing Meanings with Different Cultures:

  1. Waistcoat:

This term Waistcoat is referred as a sleeveless underneath jacket. It is termed Waistcoat in UK and lots of Commonwealth countries around the world. Also it is considered as the finishing touch to a formal or professional dress up of a man.

  1. Vests:

The term Vests is more common in the US and Canada. Here also it is considered as a Sleeveless coat worn over the shirts to complete the professional attire of a man.

  1. Cut-off:

The Cut-off vests are mainly produced by removing the sleeves of the denim jacket. Also it is made from pure denim material. It is mainly popular in Europe and North America and usually it is worn by bikers with different graphics and logos on the jacket to givean adorable and appealing look.

  1. A-Shirt or Tank Top:

The A-Shirt is a vest that is generally worn under the shirts. It is mainly preferred by all the athletes and also termed as an ‘Athletic wear’. It is widely popular in Australia, UK and Canada.

  1. Sweater Vest:

The Sweater Vest is generally worn during the winters as it is a sleeveless sweater it is popular worldwide. In UK it is referred as a ‘Tank top’, in Australia it is referred as a ‘Baldwin’ and in other area it is considered as sweater vest, a slip over, a sleeveless sweater or half sweater.

  1. Banyan:

Banyan is a vest common in India which is mainly worn by 90% of its men population. It is generally a sleeveless vest worn under the shirt to protect it from bodies sweat.

  1. Jerkin:

Jerkin are basically the vests or sleeveless coats worn for performing outdoor adventurous activities, it has multiple pockets in it that supports you during any sports or outdoor activity, also lets you to carry small things with you. These jackets are made very durable to resist the outer climate and protect our body from it. The most common outdoor activity done by it is huntingbecause of which it is also known as a ‘Hunting vest’. The reason behind used in hunting is that, it is made by several padding’s of durable and thick layers of cloth that protects your skin from getting damage during combat or hunting.

There are many different kinds of vests for all age groups; one can easily find a perfect one for him for any occasion to offer different looks.