Viewpoint | Everyone desires for an Amit Shah but are you ready to be Narendra Modi?

This article is not to propagate the political achievements of any individual or party but used as an analogy of our own behavioural aspects towards personal finance and life in general.

The images of the resounding victory of the ruling party and the mammoth confidence shown in the leadership qualities of one man in the recently concluded elections are fresh in our mind. Almost immediately, the next image we see is of the second man who has been the guiding force behind this entire success not once, but twice over now. Yes, I am referring to Amit Shah. The man behind Narendra Modi’s success and of course the rock on which the ruling party has steam rolled the Opposition.

All the traits exhibited by Shah, when viewed from a political perch, tick all the right boxes. Be it his personal/professional role with the PM or managing and growing the reach of the party in every nook and corner of India, it all adds up quite efficiently.

When we look at the same traits from a personal finance or an individual’s perspective, they are so very similar and relevant in nature that it befits the title of a perfect adviser, competent planner and master strategist.

Be it analysing the larger picture, identifying the short and long-term goals, undertaking research at the ground level, analysing complex products and clearing the path, debunking myths, identifying the right team and products, answering tough questions, communicating your ideas in an effective manner and last but not the least, remain calm, confident and positive of achieving your goals at the right time.

That’s simply a case of creative visualisation and practical action at work.

Above all, it is commitment to the job and putting his client’s (and party’s…) interest before self.

Aren’t these precisely the ideal qualities an investor looks for in his financial adviser?

That is one side of the ‘partnership mantra’, but is it enough to ensure ‘success’?

At the other end is our PM, Narendra Modi – The protagonist.

A man who is crystal clear about his long-term vision. He needs to move ahead rapidly to achieve his goals and that to amid a lot of chaos and obstacles. He is blessed with a couple of strong virtues, which have stood him in good stead. The first one is to cut off the external unwanted noise of his critics and the other one is to take harsh yet firm decisions, which may benefit the nation in the long run.

Aren’t these qualities of our PM inspirational enough for an investor or an individual who wishes to emerge out of a financial or personal mess at a certain stage of his life?

Many a times we find our financial portfolio perpetually in the negative zone. It could be due to various mistakes/reasons such as choice of wrong products, mis-selling by agents, lack of monitoring, investing without financial goals, acting on tips to make a fast buck and most importantly lack of ethical and sound advice.

It takes a lot of support from the family and genuine well-wishers to wade you out through this period. You need courage and conviction and the will to take that harsh yet right decision, which may hurt you in the short term, but will surely clear the toxins from your portfolio in the long term.

The fact remains that no matter how efficient your adviser is in his job to help you succeed in your financial journey, it is ultimately up to you to implement the right action at the right time and with right intention for the positive results to show up.

We all desire that super adviser or effective planner a la Amit Shah to either transform our sagging portfolio/life into a positive and flourishing zone, but the crucial and the harder question we need to ask ourselves first is are we ready to become a Modi?