This week in games: KFC’s creepy VR training, Anno 1800 revealed, Brink goes free-to-play

kfc trainer


Between the start of the fall release crunch and the increasing importance of Gamescom, we’ve had quite a news week. We already wrote about Age of Empires IV and Jurassic World Evolution, but it turns out that was just the tiniest tip of the Titanic-sinking iceberg.

Tyranny shows off its upcoming expansion, Destiny 2 unveils a premature launch trailer, Battlefront II debuts its 24-player space battles, Brink goes free-to-play, Ubisoft announces Anno 1800, KFC plans to train employees with virtual reality, and more.

This is gaming news for August 21 to 25.

Six years too late

Bethesda’s sci-fi shooter Brink is commonly heralded as “ahead of its time,” insofar as the parkour systems it was built on pretty much foreshadowed Titanfall a few years later. Also, “ahead of its time” is the nicest thing you can say about a game that flopped as hard as Brink did.

For whatever reason Bethesda dredged it up this week though, making itfree-to-play through Steam. If you’re looking for a 2011-era shooter to kill a weekend, Brink might be worth a look either now or in the future.

Probably the future, as Rainbow Six Siege is also free to play this weekend. That one’s a temporary try-before-you-buy type of situation, so definitely put some time into it if you haven’t tried it yet—it’s one of the best competitive shooters of the past few years.

Fantasy blackjack

The standalone version of Gwent has been pseudo-accessible for a while now, spiraling through a couple of alpha and beta periods. I’ve played it. Maybe you’ve played it.

But the game’s singleplayer campaign has been kept tightly under wraps almost since its announcement, and that’s the part of the game I’m most interested in. Competitive card game? Nah. Card game with Witcher 3 level writing? Definitely more of a hook.

The good news? It’s apparently releasing before the end of the year, and there’s a new teaser.