What are the Documents required for NSR?

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NSR manages all the information about all the employees working in various industries in a large repository. Whenever an employee joins an organisation, after the offer letter has been sent to the employee, they send a mail to him/her for NSR registration.

Read on to find out what documents are needed for NSR registration and the process to register.

List of Documents required:

These are the documents needed for NSR registration:

  • ID card of the voter
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • If you have a photo attached on your bank passbook, you carry that too
  • Not more than 1-year-old college ID card
  • Employment card
  • PAN card

Registration Process

Here are the steps to register for NSR:

  1. You should use Internet Explorer as your browser for this purpose. Visit the site https://nationalskillsregistry.com/to register as a new user. Read the registration instructions carefully. Make sure you have the roll numbers of your 10th and 12th standard with you.
  2. For the ‘Requested By’ option under NSR registration, you can choose “My future employer” and then choose the respective organisation name.
  3. In the next step, you will be asked to enter your address without commas and full-stops. First, enter the House/Street No. followed by the street name, the area and state. The phone numbers should be provided with the ISD and Area Code.
  4. In the next authentication part, you should provide the answer to a secret question, password and a login id after which you will receive your acknowledgment number. All this information should be noted somewhere safely for future reference.
  5. Then, you need to fill in the qualification form. After this, you will be taken to a screen with a form, which will ask you about the employer. You can select ‘No’ for this and then choose the name of the company by typing it in the search box.
  6. After that, you can view your form and then click on “Continue by paying for registration”.
  7. The next step is the payment. You can either pay online or at the POS location. It is better to choose POS office because you also need to do fingerprint scanning there.
  8. You will now receive the ITP web registration form for acknowledgment, which you have to carry to the POS office after pasting your photograph. You should also carry your identity proof along with you.
  9. You will need to pay INR 337 at the POS office and give all the biometric information.
  10. You will receive the ITPIN after around a week or so, which will also be sent to your mail id with the e-card. A printout of this card should be taken and signed by you. This card should be carried to your organisation after joining.
  11. At last, submit the ITPIN received into the TCS portal and you are done.

The process of NSR registration is very simple. NASSCOM has taken the initiative of managing and maintaining the NSR. The initiative has proved to be really beneficial for both the employees and the authorities as they have all the information secured in one place. The NSR contains everything about the employee such as photograph and work experience, which are very important in the industry point of view.