World’s Biggest Lottery Playing Site with 8 Million Customers

What will you do if somebody tells you or challenges you to start a business where your job is to pay your customers at regular intervals, and there will be times where you might even pay amounts crossing a multi-million figure? You would completely freak out. But there exists a company which does that, and it is popularly known as Lottoland.


Lottoland is an international lottery platform on which they organize lottery contests across the world. It is a UK based company. The company was incorporated in 2013 and has completed its five years with the payout of over $1 billion in lottery winnings.

It is now considered as Europe’s one of the fastest growing companies and why not when they have reached a milestone of acquiring 8 million customers within a quick span of just five years.

Till this date, Lottoland has changed the lives of countless people. They have been able to do this because the company believes in treating their customers as a priority. It has got a tremendous track record of not missing the payouts of the lottery winners and has always disclosed the lottery results on the given date.

Just to add a fun fact, 8 million is the combined population of Ontario and Montreal.

Timeline of Lottoland’s Lotto Moments

  • In 2013, Lottoland obtained its first gaming license from Gibraltar.
  • They reached a successful payout of $100 million in 2015.
  • Post the big payout in November 2015, Lottoland received a’ rising star’ award in London.
  • Lottoland was launched in Australia where a lucky winner won €4 million on El-Gordo.
  • Lottoland was felicitated with the Best Lottery App award in London around Feb. 2016 at the International Gaming Awards.
  • In March 2016, a Lottoland user won the highest amount in the history of the company worth €22 million.
  • Lottoland reached a new milestone of having 5 million customers in January 2017.
  • In June 2018, Lottoland again created history by a payout of worth €90 million.
  • In 2018, August was the month in which Lottoland reached its 8 million customers worldwide.

Currently, Lottoland’s employees are spread across 32 countries to ensure that customers are receiving the appropriate experience.

Can you “win the lotto” here in India?

You will be able to fulfill your desires of participating in an international lottery very soon as Lottoland is ready to launch its website in India. You will have access to all the scratch cards and lottery contests of Lottoland. Now it is India’s turn to taste the win of a bumper lottery.

Happiness is Coming to India!