You Can Be A Next-Level Gamer With A Killer Xbox One Design

As much as you try to personalize your Xbox One profile, you have to admit that you’re one of literal millions using the system. Since its initial launch in 2013, it’s estimated that over 18 million consoles have been sold. While it’s not the same impressive figure as the over 30 million PS4s that have been sold during the same timeline, it’s still a huge number. There’s only so much you can do to set yourself apart from the crowds that play alongside you, which can be a hard blow to the ego. When individuality is important to you, you’re willing to do anything to make your Xbox experience just a little bit different.


That’s not to suggest that you should do anything. Not every customizing option is a great idea, especially if you want to preserve the integrity and performance power of your Xbox. For those with an unlimited budget, customized paint jobs are an ideal way to add flare to your system, but who has the money to afford that? Besides which, you’ll have to go Xbox-free for a few weeks while a professional applies coat after coat to your console. Those would be very long weeks, considering how often you play.

On the far more affordable and practical hand, you can opt for skins for your Xbox One. These vinyl skins fit over the console and provide the same kind of customization painting does, without any of the permanency. If, years down the line, you wish to swap out your chosen design for another, you can easily apply a new skin. You can also apply these skins to the entire system – not just the console. Xbox One skins adhere to the Kinect box and the controllers, offering up unparalleled customization without sacrificing any of the performance of either the controllers or the Kinect.

That’s because they’ve been specifically engineered and cut with the Xbox One in mind. Nothing overhangs or fails to cover, as the Xbox skins have been cut with accuracy. These skins have also been created with as much versatility as possible, meaning you can create a truly unique design for your entire system. You can choose leather or wood designs to flow naturally with your interior design, or you can pick a color combination that matches your favourite character. Some Xbox One skins can afford even more flexibility. Depending on which skin creator you choose, you can mix and match with each piece. The Xbox One controller skins from dbrand can be chosen separate from the rest of the system, so you can opt to conceal you console and Kinect box into your design scheme while creating an eye-catching controller skin. You’ll never lose your controller ever again!

What says ‘next level gamer’ better than a tastefully designed console that matches your décor and a controller that pops? Your friends will definitely find that question hard to answer, so you may see Xbox skins popping up in their homes too. But don’t worry – with the level of customization skins afford, you’ll never have to fear losing your individuality again.